Making Decisions as a Leader [VIDEO]

This week, in the Thought Leaders Think Tank community, we’re talking about how to step up and make decisions (both personal and professional). So often we feel paralyzed by the options available to us, but a leader knows how to make the best possible decisions for them and their team.

Skip around:

00:00 – 2:00: Welcome and Introduction!
2:00 – 6:09: Micro-decisions and Marie’s decision to join a gym
6:09 – 8:53: Flexible decisions and Jessi’s decision to meditate more
8:53 – 11:40: Why there is no such thing as a problem
11:40 – 18:00: Why simple decisions are not always easy decisions
18:00 – 31:34: How to balance deciding from data with deciding from intuition without getting stuck in perfection
31:34 – 41:40: Creating urgency so you don’t get paralyzed
41:40 – 47:22: Creating objectives within your control
47:22 – 52:55: Wrap-up

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How to make better decisions as a leader
How to make better decisions as a leader

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